Winnipeg Organizations Partner in ‘Depave Paradise’ Project

A local youth organization is working to make their space greener through a new partnership.

Rossbrook House has partnered with Green Action Center to work on a Depave Paradise project, which will see the organizations remove the concrete in front of Rossbrook House and replace it with green space and a garden.

“Every piece of land is precious and we stand on Treaty 1 territory,” Phil Chiappetta, executive director of Rossbrook House, said in a press release.

The new green space will be called Maamaa-Ahki Gizaagi-igoo: Mother Earth, We Love You.

Design plans for the Depave Paradise project. June 9, 2022. (Credit: Zachary Kitchen/CTV News)

The Green Action Center said not all neighborhoods have access to quality green space and that removing the sidewalk and replacing it with greenery beautifies the community and encourages outdoor activities.

“The community is our main reason for doing this project. We want to bring nature back to this urban area. it brings biodiversity and beauty to a place where the community comes together,” said Josep Seras Gubert, sustainability projects coordinator for Green Action Center, in a press release.

The sidewalk is removed on Saturday and planting will begin on July 15.

A blessing ceremony will also take place in front of Rossbrook House in November.

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