Valeda F. Dent to be Senior Vice-President of Emory Libraries and Museums | Emory University

Valeda F. Dent will be the senior vice-president of Libraries and Museums at Emory University, the provost’s office has announced. Dent comes to Emory from Hunter College at the City University of New York in New York City, where she is the Acting Vice President and Vice President of Academic Affairs as well as Vice President of Student Success and Innovation in the ‘learning. Scheduled to officially assume this role in July 2022, Dent will begin engaging with library and museum staff on a consultative basis in the New Year.

The Vice President of Libraries and Museums is a new position at Emory. Dent will bring together the Emory Libraries and the Michael C. Carlos Museum under a new leadership structure, working closely with the Provost’s Office and providing support in planning the future of both estates, including promoting the discovery. and the shared curation of the University’s extraordinary collections while continuing to expand access, programming and community engagement.

As a librarian who has always held managerial positions of increasing responsibility, Dent notes: “Leading academic libraries and museums on campus today is anything but routine. These entities continue to evolve; thus, its ability to anticipate emerging trends and assess their potential is essential.

Among these movements? “The socialization of library and museum resources (open access), the growth of collections that support social inclusion and justice, the design of empirical models to demonstrate the value of the library and the museum, and emerging technology and entrepreneurial spaces are all spaces where rich opportunities for dialogue and collaboration reside, ”she explains.

At Hunter College, Dent is co-chair of the Presidential Task Force for the Promotion of Racial Equity. Important to her work at Emory, Dent strongly believes in the role of the library and museum in civic outreach and has a deep understanding of libraries and museums as centers of community empowerment and civic responsibility. Dent is an active researcher who travels, conducts and publishes high impact research with a presence around the world. She has a strong and cohesive record of academic achievement in the areas of chronic poverty and literacy, rural African libraries and literacy culture development and is a Fulbright Fellow.

In her role at Emory, Dent will help shape library and museum support for student development and IA.Humanity initiatives. “Aligning teaching, learning and research opportunities with the mission of Emory University,” notes Dent, “can help create a community of caring, knowledgeable, and civically engaged students, and the museum and libraries can play a central role. ”

“The Emory Libraries and the Carlos Museum are at the heart of Emory in our research and teaching missions. We recognize that our libraries and museum are essential to our mission of discovering and teaching new knowledge in the service of humanity, so that the next leader of our libraries and museum will play an important leadership role on our campus. Valeda is a proven and conscious leader who understands university systems and places great importance on libraries and museums as places of cultural understanding and responsibility. We are fortunate that it will lead us into this new era for libraries and museums, ”said Ravi V. Bellamkonda, Executive Vice President and Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Prior to her appointments to Hunter College, Dent was Dean and University Librarian at St. John’s University in Queens, New York, and Dean and Director of Operations for Long Island University Libraries. She holds a PhD in Information Science from Long Island University, an MSW and MILS from the University of Michigan, and a BA in Film Studies from Hunter College.

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