UMass Amherst Libraries brings the City Nature Challenge to Pioneer Valley

UMass Amherst Libraries Coordinates Efforts for Pioneer Valley’s Participation in Annual International Conference City Nature Challenge (CNC).


The challenge begins with a submission period from Friday, April 29 through Monday, May 2, during which participants submit observations such as photos or audio evidence of any wild organisms in Pioneer Valley using the free mobile app. iNaturalist. Event organizers ask attendees to avoid submitting sightings of plants found in landscaped areas and animals such as pets and those in captivity.

Following the submission period, a crowdsource-based identification period will take place from Tuesday, May 3 through Sunday, May 8.

The challenge was started in 2016 by citizen science teams from the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History and the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco as a fun way to capitalize on their cities’ friendly rivalry. origin and to organize a citizen scientific event around urban biodiversity. . The wildlife information collected during the challenge gives scientists, educators, city planners and policy makers insight into the biodiversity of urban places around the world. Last year, more than a million sightings were made.

This year marks the third year that Pioneer Valley has officially participated. Melanie Radik, librarian at the Science and Engineering Library, is spearheading the organizing efforts with a information guide and the following workshops for interested participants:

For more information about participating in the City Nature Challenge or any of the workshops associated with the event, contact Melanie Radik at [email protected]

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