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Cannabinol is a type of cannabinoid. It’s a cannabis-derived chemical known as CBN, which is associated with improved sleep and touted as the next big thing in wellness. While CBD is associated with calming and relaxing effects, CBN is being incorporated into new products such as oils and sublingual strips to help people sleep better. Cannabinoids have a wide range of physiological and psychological effects on humans. Interaction with the endogenous cannabinoid system is a possibility. This system is involved in various activities and physiological responses of the body, such as mood, pain perception, appetite and cognitive function. Cannabinoids also affect hormones, neurotransmitters, and cell activity in different parts of the body. CBN interacts with the body’s endogenous cannabinoid system, affecting mood, energy, cognition and attention. CBN, which is chemically related to CBD, has many benefits for the body, including pain relief and inflammation relief.

CBN is the newest promising cannabinoid, and for good reason. Not only does CBN have the same anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties as CBD, it’s also been studied to aid in better sleep. The Trusted Lab has finalized development of the most anticipated melatonin-free sleep formula. Trusted Lab’s CBN gummies are infused with the finest exceptional CBN and incorporate ZERO THC. As more studies come to fruition on CBD and CBN, Trusted Labs products will continue to be a source of natural and exceptional CBN that can be relied upon.

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Trusted Lab Power Erasers are infused with the highest quality CBN concentrates to ensure product satisfaction. Each cub contains 5 milligrams of high quality Trusted Lab CBN. For added effect, it is generally recommended that all edible cannabinoid products be consumed with food. This improves tolerance and absorption capacity.

Here are the potential uses and benefits of consuming CBN gummies:

— As a sleeping pill

— As an analgesic

— As a stress reliever

— As an anti-inflammatory product

— As a neurological treatment

CBN, like CBD, is a potent cannabinoid derived from hemp plants, but because CBN is used for deeper relaxation, it requires fewer milligrams per serving. Made with ingredients tested in the highest quality laboratories of the Trusted Lab, CBN gummy candies are kosher, vegan, organic and gluten-free.

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