The Super Smash Bros. community. is stuck in the lab again waiting for new mechanics from GimR

In April, Calvin “GimR” Lofton, founder of VGBootCamp, tournament organizer and active game mechanics enthusiast, released a teaser video around Pound 2022 which claimed that he had discovered a technique that would change the Super Smash Bros Ultimate meta forever.

The debut of this new technology was scheduled to be streamed live on GimR’s Twitch at 4pm CT on May 4, but due to a number of factors, the To break The community that gathered to watch was stuck in the GimR lab waiting for the demo to begin.

As it turned out later, GimR encountered a serious technical problem while putting the finishing touches on their presentation for the new mechanic. And, due to the pressure he had already put on himself and the announcement by publicizing it with the help of several big gamers and content creators, he tried to pick up the pieces at the last second, which didn’t work for him and took a toll.

“I got this thing so excited and felt so much pressure that I made the wrong decision of trying to get it back up in no time”, GimR mentioned. “It got to the point where I put the live waiting screen on my laptop and kept pushing myself until I finally accepted it. I’m so sorry to have you I promise you this tech is awesome. If you are someone I have shown the tech to, I ask you to keep it to yourself and give me some time.

This announcement only came about two hours after the start of the broadcast, and although the majority of To break the community sent their support to GimR once he revealed why the presentation did not take place, which left a period when a group of more than 38,000 people was stuck in the lab.

Longtime GimR viewers will be familiar with one of its screensavers, which mimics an old Dexter’s Laboratory music video related to the song Back to the lab by Prince Paul. And, if you weren’t familiar with it before, you probably are after hearing the song, which is less than two minutes long, on repeat for just under two hours.

If you weren’t actively watching the stream the whole time and humming along to the tune, you’ve probably seen some of the memes coming from the wider To break community as it went from general “waiting for GimR” content to complete anarchy as the lyrics settled in for the second hour loop.

You had your standard copypasta spam with viewers filling chat and Twitter with enough “back to the lab” posts to make GimR and various other terms trend. Even the official twitter game account got it wrong and got stuck in the lab again.

The creativity of To break the community was in the spotlight and only grew as the stream continued, with video editing, more memesand even a few users who calculated the distance traveled by GimR’s animated avatar during the loop, which ultimately ended up being just under miles.

In another update Provided by GimR’s brother, Matthew “Aposl” Lofton, he confirmed that GimR is fine and resting, asking viewers to send kind messages when he returns to social media tomorrow to provide an update.

While we didn’t get to see this potentially meta-shifting mechanic, it’s good to know that GimR is doing well and resting, with the outpouring of positive support from the To break community that awaits it. As VoiD and Twitch said, the real GimR technology is the memes and friends we made along the way… back in the lab.

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