Southlake COVID-19 closed after unforeseen delays in results, confusion over lab supplier

Southlake’s COVID-19 mobile test site was closed on Wednesday until further notice after suffering significant delays in results from the lab processing more than 1,000 tests administered over the weekend, the city said.

“The entrepreneur was having difficulty meeting supply and demand, so we closed the site for now until he could process what he had already picked up and could show improvement,” said Amanda Meneses, emergency manager at the Southlake Fire Department.

The city initially said Cleburne-based Advanced Medical Diagnostics of Texas was processing the lab’s results, but its consultant decided to switch labs, causing confusion as to who was operating the testing site.

Lanny Wilkinson consulted with the city on behalf of his company, Southlake Diagnostics, to coordinate site operations, and his son, Conner Wilkinson, managed the site, he said.

Lanny Wilkinson said he spoke to Advanced Medical Diagnostics first, but moved to Frisco-based Supreme Medical Laboratories due to the latter’s ability to handle more tests.

Robert Collins, the owner of Advance Medical Diagnostics, said earlier Wednesday that his company was not affiliated with testing, but someone was misrepresenting his business.

The claim has raised concern among residents and others tested at the Southlake site that it could be a fraudulent site, said Pilar Schank, spokesperson for the Town of Southlake. Tarrant County released a statement on Wednesday warning people of bogus testing sites that have popped up across the country, with crooks asking for Social Security and credit card numbers, dates of birth and information on health insurance.

Collins said his company received numerous phone calls from test takers at the Southlake site, looking for their results.

Some who were tested on Saturday – the site’s first day the site was open – did not receive their results until Wednesday morning, according to comments on the Southlake DPS Facebook page. Others said they were still waiting.

The patients had checked their COVID-19 status on the lab’s website, which had no record of their tests, Collins said.

The city then revised details of the switch to Supreme as the new lab in social media posts, Schank said.

Regardless of the confusion, Wilkinson and his son point out that despite the delays in results, they are happy to help the community with the service.

“I’m happy with what we’re doing,” said Lanny Wilkinson. “We stopped to regroup. I can’t say enough about the Town of Southlake and how they have stood up for their people by having a test site.

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