SIUE University Museum Receives $ 153,000 Grant to Museums for America

The SIUE university museum carries out an inventory control.

The SIUE University Museum is a virtual ‘hidden treasure’ of cultural capital that can be deployed to support the University’s values ​​of creation, preservation and knowledge sharing in conjunction with its mission of cultural inclusion and diversity . “

The University Museum at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville received a two-year grant of $ 153,459 from the Institute of Museum and Library Services as part of its Museums for America program.

With the funding of this award, the museum will improve the management of its collections by implementing the second stage of the museum’s collections inventory project, during which museum staff, graduate assistants and funded research assistants through grants will make an inventory of approximately 10,000 objects from the ethnographic collections of the continents. South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

The project will include the identification and recording of undocumented objects found in these collections, the completion of digital photographic documentation, the improvement of basic storage stabilization and the collection of information on the condition of each inventoried object. It will also provide a basis for increased intellectual control and preservation of the Museum’s ethnographic collections and expand accessibility of the collections and associated data for research and teaching purposes.

With the goal of completing a full physical inventory by 2025, the Museum will increase the staff capacity and expertise of the collections by hiring temporary full-time research assistants, which will accelerate and consolidate this part of the inventory project. .

“The value of the university museum can be measured at many scales and differently by the many communities it serves,” said Erin Vigneau-Dimick, executive curator of the SIUE university museum. “Its cultural resources are unmatched in the southwestern Illinois region. It is a virtual ‘hidden treasure’ of cultural capital that can be deployed to support the University’s values ​​of creation, preservation and knowledge sharing in conjunction with its mission of cultural inclusion and diversity. “

The collections include objects of many sizes, materials and traditions ranging from archaeological artifacts to examples of 20th century material culture. Each has the potential to delineate the rich cultural traditions of people of all ages and around the world for faculty, staff and students on campus and

“This project has a direct impact on the long and short term care of the Museum’s collections, and the data collected will serve as an essential step in the Museum’s strategic plan goal of establishing intellectual control,” Vigneau explained. -Dimick. “This will allow for increased engagement with objects of cultural and artistic significance through increased accuracy of recordings and location. The creation of improved records and digital surrogates will reduce unnecessary manipulation and increase remote access for academic stakeholders. The housing stabilization and condition survey data will serve the UM’s collection care preservation goals and provide a framework for the design of future projects.

Students, staff, faculty and researchers who study, interpret, organize, display and care for objects in the collections will directly benefit from the award. The administrators of the SIUE Provost’s Office and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences have participated in the planning and evaluation of the Museum’s strategic plans and support these objectives.

Graduate assistants from several campus departments, including museum studies, art and design, anthropology, historical studies, integrated studies, and cultural heritage and resource management, as well as museum research assistants early career funded grants will also benefit from participation in practical work. experiential learning during the inventory project, preparing them for future careers in museums, archives and cultural institutions.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville provides students with a high-quality, affordable education that prepares them for successful careers and a life determined to shape a changing world. Built on the foundation of a broad liberal education and reinforced by practical research and real-world experiences, the academic preparation SIUE students receive equips them to thrive in the global marketplace and make our communities better places to live. . Located on 2,660 acres of magnificent bluff-top forest overlooking the natural beauty of the rich Mississippi River lowlands and only a short drive from downtown St. Louis, the SIUE campus is home to a diverse student body of over 13,000.

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