New survey results show nonprofits are struggling

Survey results from 1,500 nonprofits, charities and grassroots groups show that there is an unprecedented demand for services and the impact of inflation and financial insecurity is putting organizations at risk. danger.

Recent data shows that the majority of not-for-profit organizations in Ontario have had to cut services despite a growing need for their programs.

Cathy Taylor, executive director of the Ontario Nonprofit Network, said Sam Laprade’s show on Monday, August 29, that the results of the survey of 1,500 nonprofits, charities and grassroots groups were “deeply concerning”.

“The data reveals that while our sector continues to serve communities, there is an unprecedented demand for services and the impact of inflation, financial insecurity, HR and a volunteer crisis is really putting organizations in danger,” she said.

Ottawa organizations like the ED Caldwell Family Center and The Caring and Sharing Exchange have seen a significant increase in the number of people accessing their services while seeing a reduction in donations.

Taylor explained that the costs for these types of organizations are much higher than they were a year ago. Although government funding remains stable, it is not enough to fill the gaps in other sources of revenue and meet the increased demand for services.

Sector leaders are calling on the Ontario government for policy solutions to mitigate the impact on essential services. However, Taylor said there is no ministry for nonprofits, which makes it difficult to voice their concerns.

Listen to Cathy Taylor’s full interview below:

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