Museums in West Virginia

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — West Virginia is home to unique specialty museums that you can visit on your next trip to or around the state.

Tripadvisor allows users to rate different attractions, hotels and other travel services. Here are the top 10 specialty museums in the Mountain State, as ranked by Tripadvisor.

1. Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine and Youth Museum

The Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine and Youth Museum houses the Rahall Company Store, the Mine Museum, and the Youth Museum of Southern West Virginia.

According West Virginia Department of Tourism. Tour guides are veteran miners who guests help keep employed, and they can share first-hand accounts of the responsibilities and duties that come with working in a coal mine in the past and present.

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2. Mothman Museum

The streets of Point Pleasant were filled with visitors exploring downtown, including the “World’s Only Mothman Museum.” Courtesy of WOWK-13 News Staff/Lane Ball

Anyone familiar with the Mothman legend wouldn’t be surprised that the museum dedicated to West Virginia’s most infamous resident is one of the most popular in the Mountain State.

The Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant is right next to the Mothman statue. The town is where Mothman sightings are said to have taken place.

The museum contains the largest collection of props and memorabilia from “The Mothman Prophecies” movie, historical documents from Mothman sighting witnesses, and historical news clippings and photographs from the Silver Bridge disaster.

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3. American Glass Museum

This Weston museum features more than 20,000 pieces of glass, interactive activities for children, and is home to the National Marble Museum as well as a vibrant library and archive for on-site research, according to West Virginia Department of Tourism.

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4. Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum

The Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum. WTRF image.

The building once housed a Victorian school, but is now full of childhood nostalgia for generations.

The Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum in Wheeling is home to thousands of toy trains, dolls and dollhouses, cars and trucks, miniatures, toy soldiers, western toys, ride-on toys and more, according to West Virginia Department of Tourism.

Sometimes, Santa even stops.

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5. Point Pleasant River Museum

The Point Pleasant River Museum. WOWK image.

The museum will soon have a new location after the original burned down in 2018. It took them a long time to rebuild, but the new location will feature a 2,400-gallon aquarium that houses fish from the Ohio and Kanawha rivers, tugboat pilot house simulators, and exhibits on river life and business ventures. on the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers, as well as sternwheelers, river disasters, and the contribution of local river industry to World War II.

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Here’s where its new location will be:

6. Radio and Technology Museum

According West Virginia Department of Tourismthe Huntington Radio and Technology Museum is the largest antique radio museum in the United States with over 400 radios from 1924 to 1970, hand-cranked phonographs, a television camera from the 1939 World’s Fair , an AC Gilbert toy exhibit, telegraph items, William Wrigley (chewing gum maker) radio, early televisions, military radios, early radio advertisements and thousands of radio and electronic related items on display.

It also houses youThe West Virginia Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

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7. Martinsburg Rotunda

In use until the mid-1980s, the Martinsburg Roundhouse is the only cast-iron frame structure of its type still standing today, according to West Virginia Department of Tourism.

The building’s historic roots run deep, serving as the site of the first national labor strike of 1877 and a key site at the start of the Civil War.

Reservations are required for tours of the building and must be made at least 10 days in advance. Reservations can be made here.

The building can also be rented as an event location.

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8. Whipple Company Store & Appalachian Heritage Educational Museum

The Whipple Company store in Scarbro was bought by a private owner in October 2018 and closed in 2019, according to his website.

It was once the center of a coal mining community in the heart of Whipple, Fayette County, and offered everything from one-stop shopping, with everything from food to health care, and offers haunted tours.

In 2015, the museum created a room where relatives of coal miners can research their family histories.

At the time of its purchase, it was thought that the building would undergo renovations and eventually reopen.

9. John Brown Wax Museum

This unique wax figure museum details John Brown’s hatred of slavery, traces his violent exploits and depicts scenes from his daring raid on Harpers Ferry, according to West Virginia Department of Tourism.

According to the museum’s website, there are 87 life-size figures and booths with voice, music, and animation used to tell Brown’s life story.

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10. Flatwoods Monster Museum

After Mothman, the Flatwoods or Braxton County Monster is probably West Virginia’s most famous cryptid.

The Flatwoods Monster Museum is located on Main Street in downtown Sutton, Braxton County. Exhibits include one-of-a-kind collections and artifacts, historical artifacts, memorabilia, books and more, according to West Virginia Department of Tourismand the gift shop includes many novelty items, such as shirts, figurines, stickers, shot glasses, and lanterns.

WV Tourism suggests visitors call ahead to ensure availability.

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