Museums, galleries and libraries get £128million injection

Monday 09 May 2022 18:42

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Cultural venues, including museums, galleries and public libraries, will receive an injection of £128million to improve accessibility to the arts and safeguard their future.

Organizations are now encouraged by the government to submit expressions of interest to receive support following the previous allocation of £48million in funding to 60 organizations earlier this year.

Venues across the country have already enjoyed the fun, including the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, which earlier this year received £5m to fund structural work to protect the building for future generations, as well as the iconic Bletchley Park, which received £468,000 for essential maintenance work on its buildings.

Support will be targeted to areas that have historically had lower levels of cultural investment as part of the government’s commitment to level access to culture across the country.

Funding will also be targeted at locally run cultural projects, museums and public libraries in England.

Arts Minister Lord Parkinson commented on the decision:

This funding will help make culture more accessible to everyone, including people who may not have enjoyed it before, as well as supporting vital maintenance work to secure the future of many sites.

This is an important part of our plan to level the country, for the benefit of all.

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