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Lewisburg, Pennsylvania — In addition to the traditional library fare of books, music and movies, patrons of nearly a dozen local libraries can now check out free passes to the Lewisburg Children’s Museum.

“Getting a free pass to visit the Museum is as easy as visiting your local library,” said Kahla DeSmit, Executive Director of LCM. “We know that a family’s resources are increasingly stretched and we are delighted to expand a program aimed at making the Museum even more accessible.

The new Pass Culturel program is made possible by the Charles and Betty Degenstein Foundation.

“There is a natural partnership between museums and libraries and we feel incredibly fortunate to partner with LCM,” added Kris LaVanish, Executive Director of the Milton Public Library. “The Culture Access Pass program is a physical representation of our shared goals of equitable access, educational opportunity, and culture of curiosity.

Nearly a dozen local libraries will participate, including: Beavertown Community Library, Degenstein Community Library, James V. Brown Library, Middleburg Community Library, The Milton Public Library, Montgomery House Library, Mount Carmel Area Public Library, Priestley Forsyth Memorial Library , Public Union County Library and Rudy Gelnett Memorial Library.

“We are also very pleased to partner with LCM,” said Melissa A. Rowse, director of the Degenstein Community Library. “I know we will have a number of families taking advantage of the passes, especially now with the rising cost of everything. It’s a great example of how our community works together.

The passes help make the museum accessible to families of all incomes, explained Savanna Hovis, the museum’s visitor services coordinator.

“This latest addition to our Count Me In initiative ensures that a visit to the museum fits into any family’s budget, while simultaneously promoting the benefits of visiting both the library and the museum,” he said. she declared. “Our community has so many great resources.”

If a family has more than four guests in their group, an additional entry can be purchased. Cultural passes do not include parties, special events or other educational programs.

For more information about this program and to register, visit

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