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SALINAS VALLEY – For some students in the Monterey County Free Libraries (MCFL) service area, including the Salinas Valley, access to school supplies may be simple, but for many it is not. .

MCFL’s service area spans approximately 130 miles, from Pajaro in the north near Watsonville to Parkfield in southern Monterey County. Many branches are in small rural areas, a long drive from an office supply store, and supplies can be very expensive.

For this reason, MCFL staff decided to apply for a “Copycat” grant from the California State Library in August 2021. They called it the LEVEL grant, which stands for helping students succeed in school.

“We came up with the name LEVEL, basically, to level the playing field for K-12 students,” said Dawn Vest, Greenfield branch manager.

Additionally, Vest stated that the purpose and scope of the grant is to:

  • Help K-12 students by providing them with materials like poster boards, markers, and other supplies to complete school-assigned projects in an optimal way, allowing their projects earn competitive scores alongside students whose families can provide the necessary school supplies;
  • Allow branches to establish Student Success Centers with equipment such as three-hole punches, laminators, and right-angle rulers that are available to students when libraries are open; and
  • Provide USB drives for students to save and transport school assignments and provide instructional materials on creating basic Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

The Student Success Centers created by the LEVEL Grant hope to support students in a variety of ways by giving them access to materials they may not have on hand in hopes of eliminating work-related stress. school and help students do better in school.

All libraries provide free access to computers with Internet, Wi-Fi and Microsoft Office products.

“Public libraries help students in many ways, and school is about more than homework and studying,” said Hillary Theyer, library director. “I’m proud that our team is developing a way to meet these needs, and I hope to continue to do so in the future. »

Supplies purchased with the grants were delivered to the 16 branch libraries of the Monterey County Free Library System. Stop by a local library branch to see what it has to offer, or visit for location information and phone numbers.

The LEVEL grant was funded by the California State Library, supported by funding from the US Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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