Local Organizations Team Up to Solve Jackson’s Crime Crisis

JACKSON, Mississippi (WJTV) – The city of Jackson has seen another year of record-breaking homicides.

People who are actively working on criminal action say it’s time to stop talking and get down to business. Defenders call on communities to get involved and work together to try to change the criminal mindset in the capital.

“Everyone has a conversation about violence, but it’s a conversation about the solution. “

Violence has increased in several cities across the country, including here in Jackson.

“This violence affects us everywhere, everywhere,” said the leader of Cure Violence.

On Thursday, the People’s Advocacy Group hosted a community meeting at Sykes Community Park to shed light on working solutions.

“To fight violence, we had to fight against mental health, the lack of mental health resources. We have to tackle the lack of youth development programs, we have to tackle the lack of behavioral health programs to help us make better decisions in our lives, ”said Rukia Lumumba of the People’s Advocacy Group.

Over the past year, several organizations have been created to help end violence in communities.

“We have outreach workers and we have violence interrupters. A violence switch primarily focuses on mediation. We are focused on stopping the shooting and killing on the front-end. Once that happens, we stop retaliation. Outreach workers have a workload of around 15 to 20 candidates. They help them get back to school, with anger management, they help them with this, they help them with that, but the key is to help people with what they want help with, ” said the representative of Cure Violence.

The Cure For Violence group works primarily in South Jackson and has already had a significant impact in the community of Oak Forest.

“In an area with a radius of 10 blocks, they have been able to prevent and reduce gun violence in that area. More than 165 days without armed violence in this area, ”said Lumumba.

Those at the meeting expressed their desire to be part of the solution.

“This is why we are here to tell City Hall that we need more money so that our sisters on this panel can have more credible messengers so that we can get our message across. “

The purpose of the meeting held on Thursday evening was to unify the groups currently working on solutions to crime and let people in the community know how they can join the cause.

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