Local organizations team up to provide services for Miami’s homeless – NBC 6 South Florida

Beneath the roads of Miami, you might find homeless people.

Local organizations teamed up across the city of Miami on Sunday to provide cool haircuts and hot showers to homeless people. Additionally, hot food, clothing and toiletries were distributed to those in need.

“We’re really trying to change the perspective of homelessness, aren’t we? We have partnered with Miami Give Back which does this once a month,” said Francky Pierre-Paul, CEO of A Different Shade of Love. “We really wanted to focus and let the community know that we have hundreds and hundreds of people on the outside who are living on the streets.”

About 1,000 homeless people are not in a shelter and nearly 2,500 are housed, according to the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust.

“The need is greater here. Sometimes the shelters are too full. Sometimes you have people waiting 3, 4, 6 months for a place in a shelter,” said Pierre-Paul. “Coming here and meeting them where they are, letting them know, ‘we all see you…even though we pass you every day, we all see you.”

Free haircuts give hope to the homeless.

“I feel like a better, new man, like I could go out there to Miami and get a job and support myself and somebody else,” one homeless man said.

The barbers themselves also noticed a difference in attitude.

“They come in and they’re pretty quiet, as they start to get their hair cut, they look in the mirror and they see how they look and feel better about themselves and their expression changes,” the man said. one of the event’s barbers. .

The organizations behind the cause have also called on successful businesses in the Magic City to step up and join their cause.

“I believe with great power comes great responsibility, so if you have issues like this, and you have an extremely successful business,” said Alexander Gonzalez, president of Miami Give Back, “we recommend trying to do something, do something, cough up some money and do it for the people.

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