Libraries plan more outreach, programs and events

The 2021-2024 Strategic Plan for the Pasco County Library System calls for more awareness, more cultural programs and events, to improve system services and attract new users.

The Pasco County commission approved the 2021-2024 strategic plan for the system at the county council meeting on September 15.

The Pasco County Libraries Co-operative, also known as Pasco County Libraries, must create a new strategic plan every three years, and this plan must be approved by the county council, so that the system can benefit state aid for public libraries.

Candice Kyle from Dade City helps Kaizer, her 4-year-old son, build a tower with blocks. The mother and son bonded during the recreational portion of the Preschool Storytime program, in January 2020 at the Hugh Embry Branch Library, before the pandemic. The library is now closed for renovation. (To file)

Nancy Fredericks, a library administrator, told commissioners the new plan was developed by the county library team, with the help of consultant Leon Donovan, to get community input in sessions. planning, focus groups and meetings with stakeholders. The effort also included two surveys.

In addition to briefing the board on efforts to develop the plan, Fredericks shared a video outlining the key points.

The documents on the board’s agenda also set out the main elements of the strategic plan.

Essentially, it identifies three major areas of intervention: community, culture and education. It also contains goals and strategies to achieve those goals.

Priority area: Community
In this area of ​​interest, the library system plans to increase outreach opportunities for community members and for organizations to get involved in the library.

He identified activities to help achieve these goals.

For example, it plans to establish pop-up library services to expand access to resources and services. It also plans to provide 20 hours of service per month starting in the first quarter of 2022.

He will promote library resources at at least 20 meetings per year for community groups, civic organizations, nonprofits and government agencies.

And, he plans to coordinate with Friends of the Library on an annual campaign to help increase membership and raise funds.

Priority area: Education
In this area, the Library System has identified the goal of providing access to a collection of print, non-print and electronic resources that meet the diverse needs and interests of residents of Pasco County.

Rebecca Jackson, of Lutz, enjoys helping her children, Joel, 7, left, and Hope, 3, as they create their rope painting artwork at an event held shortly before the start pandemic restrictions, in 2020. The activity took place at the Land O ‘Lakes Branch Library on Collier Parkway, in Land O’ Lakes, which is now closed for renovations.

It also aims to provide resources and programs to support lifelong learning and the development of skills and knowledge in multiple literacies.

To help achieve these goals, he plans to partner with the Pasco and Hernando Counties Early Learning Coalition to deliver four programs per year.

He also plans to develop an adult literacy / ESL training program and train 15 volunteers per year to teach basic literacy and ESL to citizens of Pasco County.

In addition, it will offer two digital literacy activities per quarter to increase the development of skills in research, assessment, creation and communication of information on digital platforms.

In addition, he intends to create a library of things to circulate non-traditional materials, with an emphasis on elements that support makerspace activities. It aims to add three new items per year to the Object Library.

Other activities include:

  • Selection of 15 new items per year to add to the adaptive toy collection
  • Offer at least one staff training session per quarter focused on skills development, which relates to content creation
  • Offer two programs per quarter that raise awareness of professional content production for various media platforms

Priority area: Culture
The library system intends to foster culture in Pasco County by offering a wide range of programs in its subsidiary libraries and distribution venues. Programming and activities will support self-expression, innovation and community well-being.

Activities will include:

  • Deploy the Mobile Makerspace three times per quarter, to provide hands-on learning experiences
  • Collaborate with local performers, artists and experts to expand cultural experiences and learning opportunities
  • Offer 20 cultural programs or events per year to any location in the county
  • Offer two programs per term that feature cultural content created in association with the Pasco County Library Cooperative
  • Support the development of a Cultural Affairs Advisory Council in Pasco County by organizing at least four meetings per year and serving as liaison / coordinator for the council

In addition to the programming efforts, the library system is also updating and improving its facilities.

Massive transformations are backed by a voter-approved bond issue.

The cooperative library system includes these branches: Hugh Embry, New River, Land O ‘Lakes, Starkey Ranch TLC, Centennial Park, South Holiday, Regency Park and Hudson. It also includes the Zephyrhills Public Library.

Posted on October 06, 2021

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