Letter to the editor: Take advantage of our libraries

I want to let everyone know about the services available at our local libraries.

I know many of us think of libraries and instantly see shelves of books. While books are and always will be an important part of our libraries, much more is available. Students can benefit from private lessons, you can borrow DVDs/Blu-Rays to enjoy what’s new at home, we offer book clubs for those who like to read and discuss what they read, video games are available At Borrowing For Our Players, you can access newspapers online with your library card, there are free and discounted passes to local museums available through the library, and many other offers.

You are not limited to just the collections of your local library. For example, let’s say you live in Benicia, but some of the materials you want are stored in Fairfield and some in Vallejo. You can reserve the documents and they will be sent to the library in Benicia for collection. Obtaining a library card is extremely easy. You can apply online and pick it up at your local library.

Solano County voters threw their support behind our libraries when we voted to pass an eighth of a cent sales tax that was specifically targeted at libraries. Your tax money is working hard at Solano County Libraries. I encourage you to take the time to visit the library website and see what is available to you at https://solanolibrary.com.

Supervisor Monica Brown


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