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Imgur is a popular platform associated with Reddit for over a decade as an image sharing service. Boasting an estimated 300 million users thanks to its availability for free image and video sharing, Imgur believe that the acquisition with Medial Labs would allow the team to devote their time and commitment to Imgur and its community for a better allocation of resources.

Media Labs, a Santa Monica-centric tech company focused on acquiring and supporting the ownership of consumer-centric technology applications and businesses. With its list of acquisitions including second tier apps such as Kik and Whisper communication apps, Genius generating lyrics and WorldStarHipHop video aggregator app. Now the list contains the Imgur level A app which is widely used, mentioned, loved and revered by the Reddit community.

In light of the acquisition, Imgur issued a statement that reflects their commitment to continue offering their services to the community, followed by the guarantee of resources and funds by Media Labs to experience a newer and better version of Imgur. .

However, with reference to recent acquisitions and characteristics shared by similar companies owned by the Media Lab, questions arise not only regarding the future of the image-sharing company, Imgur, itself and what will be the result of the fighting. it took. With Media Lab mainly outfitting itself with low-value-added database companies, it doesn’t make sense unless the ad campaign and traffic are bundled into one here to serve as backbones working from small to small. in the flesh.

The history of acquisitions runs counter to Media Labs, as every app acquired from Genius to Kik to Whisper was once the most interesting prospect in the market, rising to a place at the top while falling face-to-face. on the ground in game A earlier. rather than later. Since 2016, when Reddit decided to allow hosting of images on its own website, Imgur’s role has diminished, as has its active audience over time. With Imgur on a similar path to the rest of Media Labs’ acquisitions, it doesn’t take a genius to predict the outcome.

Imgur would continue to exist in the social media and cloud image hosting market as a small community very slightly in the shadow of what it once was after its release in 2009 at its peak.

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