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Some people have lived in the Titusville area their entire lives but have never been to the Drake Well Museum, Ida Tarbell House, the OC&T train and many other activities that attract people from outside the community to come. in the queen city. .

Some might say it is a lack of interest, but those in charge of these institutions believe it is a lack of access, especially for those who may not have the capacity. to pay entry for the whole family.

To help create more equitable access, the Drake Well Museum and Park has partnered with area libraries to provide family passes and allow everyone to see the importance of Drake Well to the oil region.

Drake Well Park and Museum and the Friends of Drake Well approached the library with the idea, but it was far from new.

Benson Memorial Library director Jess Hilburn said the idea started years ago and she always thought the library should.

It wasn’t until the arrival of Erin Wincek, Associate Director of Friends of Drake Well, that this idea became a reality.

“We are really excited to give people the opportunity to see the museums and increase access,” said Hilburn.

Now available at the Benson Memorial Library and the Franklin, Oil City and Cooperstown Libraries, two-week family passes to Drake Well Park and Museum. Passes can be picked up by library members and all you need is a library card.

The pass allows all family members to go to the museum, learn something new and have fun. The aim is to expand this program in the future.

When Hilburn was approached with the idea of ​​the family pass, she felt it was something that really tied into the library’s goal of promoting cultural heritage. The library and museum are both partners of the Heritage Connection website, along with the Titusville Historical Society and the Titusville Alumni Association.

The reason the library is even there is because of Drake Well and the oil industry. The library itself was a gift from the children of Byron David and Minerva Benson, oil entrepreneurs who made their fortune on black gold.

In modern times, Hilburn said people come frequently to ask questions about the museum, especially tourists who need directions.

The objective is that with these passes, more than tourists stop, but residents who want to know more about their place of life.

“With this we are trying to reach out to those who do not have the opportunity or cannot afford to go to Drake Well,” she said. “Now you can take the whole family for free. “

The library has two passes. A pass will be on a first come, first served basis. Whenever it is available it can be checked. The other pass will have a schedule where library users can reserve the pass in advance.

“If you know your family is coming to town on a certain weekend, you can call and say you want to book it on a certain date,” Hilburn said.

This program combines two organizations that Hilburn really cares about. She started her career in history by doing an internship at the museum while she was at university.

“I love doing things with Drake Well,” she said.

One aspect of the museum that she loves is the way they have brought their exhibits to the modern world. For those who may not have visited the museum in years, Hilburn suggests that you come to the library, get a pass, and see what all has changed.

“This isn’t your grandmother’s Drake Well Museum,” she said.

The Herald has reached out to Erin Wincek for comment, but at time of publication, they were unable to reach her for comment.

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