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About the Brazilian Creative Learning Network (BCLN)

The Brazilian Creative Learning Network, which began as a collaboration between the Lifelong Kindergarten Group and the Lemann Foundation, has grown into a grassroots movement that implements playful, creative and relevant hands-on educational practices in schools and public spaces. non-formal learning across the most remote corners of Brazil, from vulnerable communities in major urban centers to villages in the Amazon. To achieve this, BCLN organizes programs and events that give voice to thousands of Brazilian educators, school leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, families and students. In total, the BCLN is active in more than 2,000 schools across the country.

BCLN’s approach empowers educators and school leaders while allowing for local adaptations, essential for success in a country as vast as Brazil. It promotes the membership of local partners, including libraries, universities, social entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. In this way, BCLN creates a vibrant reinforcement community of engaged educators who bring innovation and play back into the classroom and other educational environments.

Currently, BCLN is developing the Creative Schools program with the support of the LEGO Foundation and the Lemann Foundation, both collaborators of the Media Lab. With this ambitious new program, BCLN is focusing its efforts on creating creative learning opportunities in 10 Brazilian public school systems in partnership with the respective Secretaries of Education. The aim is to empower local leaders to bring creative learning to their schools while building on existing creative solutions in their local contexts.

About the event

The Lifelong Kindergarten Group and the Brazilian Creative Learning Network invite mayors and secretaries of education from the nine cities and one state that participate in the Creative Schools program in Brazil. These high-level decision-makers will spend time with researchers from Lifelong Kindergarten, the Media Lab, and related groups at MIT. They will participate in hands-on workshops to better understand creative learning and will also visit the Acera School of Science Creativity and Leadership. In addition, it will be an opportunity to exchange experiences and create synergies between like-minded Brazilian decision makers to reflect on how to make creative learning a reality in Brazilian education.

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