AIM Technologies helps organizations stay ahead of the curve with its revolutionary sentiment analysis and real-time data research tools

AIM Technologies highlights why Arabic sentiment analysis of Facebook data as well as Instagram data is essential for organizations that want to better understand their customers.

Founded in Delaware in 2018, AIM Technologies remains true to its mission: to become the multilingual AI powerhouse of the Middle East and redefine the information and knowledge extraction industry, enabling organizations to better understand and act. on customer conversations and feedback.

Stay one step ahead

“We believe that giving organizations in the Middle East a better understanding of their business, market and customers through the use of AI enables them to design marketing solutions that are fit for the future, regardless of their size,” said a spokesperson for AIM Technologies.

“We are reshaping the future of the news industry by providing clients with real-time access to all the data they might need through the most accurate Arabic social media listening tools.

“Using artificial intelligence, we offer a variety of social media analytics tools to help you stand out from competitors, understand customer feedback. Additionally, our research tool can help you discover the data your brand needs before launching your campaign, helping you strengthen your marketing strategies to increase your return on investment.

AIM helps organizations get the most out of their Facebook dataset for sentiment analysis by using NLP and AI to analyze and categorize comments into positive, negative, and neutral content. And send them customizable alerts in real time if irrelevant or alarming messages are published.

“AIM also provides in-depth analysis of your brand data against your competitors’ brand data in a single visualization, allowing you to assess the results of your different campaigns side-by-side and compare their performance with the campaigns of your competitors.”

“You trust the data. But not all data is good. With AIM, you get the most important data for your business and your market. Plus, our proprietary noise removal techniques allow you to track any search query, including hashtags,” the spokesperson adds.

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In the words of our CEO and Co-Founder, John Saad, “Our goal is to provide solutions for all businesses, so you can build your brand reputation.”


AIM Technologies was founded in Delaware in 2018 by a team of six young, talented and ambitious players with more than 15 years of experience in Egypt, the MENA region and Europe in the fields of artificial intelligence, technology, marketing, research and digital. The company’s founders remain united in their shared vision: to become the leaders in AI in the Middle East and redefine the information and knowledge extraction industry in the region, creating solutions to better understand and acting on customer conversations and feedback.

Media Contact
Company Name: AIM Technologies
Contact: Moataz Gelil
E-mail: Send an email
Call: +971 (4) 44070504
The country: Egypt

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