A week in my life: Marcus Orme, CEO, Medialab

Medialab Group is one of the fastest growing independent agencies in the UK.

As an award-winning growth partner, Medialab delivers transformative results to organizations by taking a transparent, data-driven approach to strategy development, performance marketing, media optimization and campaign attribution.

The CEO of the agency, Marcus Orme, presents us with a week in his professional life …

On Monday

My work week begins with an alarm clock at 6:15 a.m. I don’t need an alarm clock as it usually comes in the form of my nine year old daughter throwing herself on the bed to let us know unequivocally that the day has begun. After a well-received hug, the day begins.

Breakfast begins with feeding our delinquent but wonderful boxer dog, Dotty who is a big part of the family. The children are next door and it’s my turn to be the chef. My son reminds me that scrambled eggs aren’t as good as the weekend bacon and egg sandwich – I tend to agree!

Mondays are operational for more than one reason; my commute to London gives my wife and I 45 minutes to compare agendas and work out our movements for the week – which is back for kids’ bedtime, school events, etc. Juggling work / life commitments is a challenge, but it is life – and the rule of thumb is, and always will be, that it is “Family First” which is something that I have always passed on. to my team.

Once in the office, the operational theme continues; I intentionally schedule internal remedies for a Monday as it prepares me for the week to then focus on other areas. We start at 9am with a senior team meeting. I find this extremely valuable as it is a chance to share the main headlines from the previous week and what’s to come, as well as to browse the numbers, new hires and innovations. My contribution is usually a bit of a bad joke to get everyone excited! Once finished, I have a well-deserved coffee (always a white dish) and I head directly to my various one-on-one meetings, usually with our CEO, our COO and our CFO before the other members. team keys.

I laugh at a healthy but boring salad lunch (probably from Pret!) Before heading out for a personal workout. I do this twice a week at lunchtime – it’s a killer, but I have to do it for multiple reasons as it keeps my mind and body in shape and gives me energy for the rest of my life. the day (generally…!). I come back red and sweaty to the team’s amusement and check my emails while I cool off with a fan. I then have a call with the President before leaving for a late afternoon coffee with a new senior recruit! He’s great – an offer is sure to come.

Back in the office, I focus on shaping our approach to an exciting new business opportunity. An illegible handwriting follows on one of our whiteboards, which I will try to understand tomorrow!

I tend to put in a shift on a Monday – so a late ending ensues. I then walk to Marylebone, about 20 minutes from the office to take a little time. It’s a great walk and I still think what a fantastic city we are working in.

A light and late dinner and it’s over!


I start at 5:45 am today with a jog in the Chilterns with my dog ​​Dotty. I’m back in shape. How I would love to have his energy though!

We have a big pitch this week, so I’m right in our war room to work with the team on strategy. They always impress me with their ideas and enthusiasm.

Then I have lunch with our new sales manager to welcome her to the team – another great addition and a lot of fun to be around as well. I’m a big fan of the Caravan restaurant (my friend runs it, which helps!)

The afternoon includes a three-hour meeting with a new American client and his other partner agencies to discuss the launch of their new product. 23 people in a room is intense but it flows well and the customer is happy! The other agencies also impress me – I have a very good feeling with the new product.

I’m not in the habit of having lunch and dinner out on the same day otherwise I undo all my hard work from the workout but tonight a very enjoyable dinner ensues with the client. Soho House Greek Street turns out to be a great choice even if it’s late at night … but it’s usually a good sign.


It’s my favorite day of the week because it’s the day I work from home. I like it because there are no distractions and I can have clear thinking time and crush plans. It allows me to put family first. I take the kids to school which I really enjoy. I need to cherish these moments because at 9 and 11, I suspect they won’t be so talkative in a few years …

We have a board meeting tomorrow, so the preparation for this takes all morning.

Before lunch I go for a jog with Dotty – it’s only 30 minutes, but again I come back invigorated. A light lunch follows and I dive back into it.

The best way to end my day is attending my son’s school cricket match – a real treat and I enjoy every minute of it. We then pick up my daughter from her swim club after school and a family dinner ensues. After I put the kids to bed, I still have about an hour of work before my wife comes home.

She is greeted with a good glass of red, I’ll take one too so as not to be antisocial… well, it’s Wednesday!


An early start because my son is training to swim at 5:30 am in the pool for his club! It’s a real commitment for everyone – I always want to support my kids in their activities, and we do, but the training times for competitive swimming are brutal! His enthusiasm, however, is all the motivation I need.

Our strategic board meeting takes all day, but it’s longer and we’re doing a lot. My brain is now depleted, so the only logical thing to do after a long day of thought and discussion is to continue the conversation in the pub; The Crown and the Scepter are calling. Since I started, this has always been the foundation for creative thinking and ideas – and it’s great to teach millennials a thing or two about the good old days!


I can’t deny that I am feeling a little dusty this morning so I start the day with some extra strong coffee. that does not do the trick!

At the office, I am stuck in our weekly credit check and FD update meeting. Knowing what comes in and goes out of the business keeps me up to date. I have a “Board Buddy” session with one of our rising stars in the organization where we have a cup of tea and a chat. I really love these and love the fact that I’m always learning from the team – reverse mentoring at its best!

I opted for another Pret salad for lunch. Given the options on our doorstep, I really need to broaden my horizons! My second workout of the week follows – it hurts a bit more this time… maybe that last beer on Thursday night wasn’t such a great idea.

I then return to the office and make a monthly presentation of the company to the team. This involves everyone getting off the tools and having a liquid refreshment while I take stock of the company’s performance; how we achieve this monthly and annual budget, new business updates, presentations, team announcements, etc.

It is really important that the team know what is going on in Medialab so that they feel involved in our progress. I am able to announce that we have reached our goal, which means a reward for everyone – the destination to announce! It’s a good, positive weekend.

And so on Friday evening and at the weekend! Family time. I put the children to bed, which, when you don’t do it often, is a real plus. Then it’s date night with my wonderful wife who has an equally busy and busy week in her role as CRO of a legal technology start-up. We always have a lot of things to discuss during the Friday Steak Night which we both cook. A porter with a fantastic Amarone – one of the pleasures in life.

Do I have to aerate the second bottle? Be rude not to do it – I think we deserved it.

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