6 Milwaukee Athletes Share Which Charities Are Important to Them

1. Jrue Holidays


“I give to people with basic needs. In situations where military personnel come home and don’t really have support, I show my support. There have been quite a few organizations that deal with child care. During the pandemic, a lot of minorities will not have the option to pay for child care, especially when trying to get to work and stuff. Again, basic needs. People who don’t have a job, people need toilet paper, we can help pay for it. I’m just here to support. I know that going through tough times a lot of people don’t have the support system they need.

2. Matt Donovan


“The admirals here in Milwaukee give so much back to the community. We have done Ronald McDonald House, also a coat player. There are plenty of other charities. I love giving back to youth hockey in any way I can. In Oklahoma, I fundraise for an organization called the Zach Tays Memorial Fund. The guy I grew up with had a car accident when I was young and they started an organization for him. Get out into your community and give back because it feels good. There is no better feeling than giving back. It is easy to do. It just takes a little time and it changes people’s lives.

3. George Hill


“I mainly look for charities that have something in their best interest. I am wary of those who have the 60/40 rule or the 70/30 rule. 60-40 or 70-30 is up or down. The reason I’m with Wishes to our heroes and i support them so much because i know 100% is coming back in what we have collected. We don’t keep a dime that we have. We have over 300 volunteers across the United States. I do stuff for the military. I supervise children from disadvantaged neighborhoods, especially based in Minneapolis where I come from. I have my UAU program in Minneapolis where I have over 150 young men and women to help use youth basketball as an outlet. [Giving] fill my cup; it was never about me. It’s more about how to put a smile on someone else’s face and help families in need. God blessed me to make money now where I can be a blessing to others. Do it with your heart and not for publicity or anything like that.

4. Ian Bennett


“It’s an organization called Live for. It is for children with special needs and we will help make all their dreams come true. I was working with the Asthma company in Milwaukee, FAM. These are the two biggest companies that I am a part of at the moment. I think especially in Wisconsin with all the difficulties and the pandemic, everyone has to do their part, especially the athletes because we are role models. I think we need more love in the world. I think we need nice people and just to be kind to our fellow human beings instead of hate and drama and politics. I think we have to give back to the base where we are building and try to be positive. Little things go a long way.

5. Pat Connaughton


“I have my own foundation. the Pat Connaughton Foundation. We focus on sports for young people, involving children in sport from an early age, teaching them to translate them into life skills. Hard work, teamwork, leadership, and things they can take beyond the playing surface that can help them get into college, a job. We are fortunate to be where we are. We have worked hard for this, but by using this platform to show others that you can have a dramatic effect through small acts and through larger acts you can have an even more dramatic effect. People help people. Ultimately, that’s what we’re here to do.

6. Vin Baker Jr.


“Recently my father and I had a partnership with Little Wisconsin Discussions to speak out and draw attention to the issue of underage alcohol consumption. We kind of did it as a mini-series on both of our social media accounts. We talked about my father’s story with her and my experience with him and his alcohol abuse issues. The Panthers made a ton of it. During COVID-19, we had the opportunity to drive around Milwaukee and pick up leaves for people. We did a good canned service. We can help as much as we can with the pandemic and everything. We come to help our community as much as we can. It just shows attention. We all live here in the same space and the same city. Having the platform that we have, it’s good to know that you have people who care about you. It is a difficult and crazy time and traveling cannot see your families. I would just give anyway possible. To give and not to receive. Be it gifts or any kind of love. Reach out to family members and be kind to the person next to you.



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