The Grouping of Loans in Belgium | Small and Medium Credit.


The Grouping of Loans in Belgium | Small and Medium Credit.


The grouping of loans in Belgium: how to cope when it is difficult to meet the monthly payments?

Some consumers find it difficult to cope with all the everyday expenses of everyday life: between food shopping, subscriptions of all kinds, contingencies and credits to be paid back, there is not always enough money left at the end of the month.

But to regain a minimum of purchasing power when you already have several loans to repay, a solution exists: the consolidation of credits in Belgium . By comparing the various offers, one can find very interesting proposals, with the possibility of reducing the monthly payments by increasing the duration of the repayments.

This solution is not necessarily the key to all the problems. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to seek the advice of a pooling expert , who knows the market well and knows how to help his clients.

No matter the solution found, you can at any time perform a simulation of credit consolidation on our site.



Bill Sikes’s field of activity is vast, but concentrated on a world of expertise: borrowing. The company offers mortgage credit, personal loan or loan consolidation in Belgium.

Bill Sikes



Although the scope of Bill Sikes benefits may seem vast at first, do not fear this versatility. Indeed, the company is an expert in loans and its employees are recognized brokers for their qualifications.

Unlike banks that offer many benefits, Bill Sikes only borrows. However, to adapt to the variety of needs, it is possible to take out different types of contracts: the personal loan, the credit pool in Belgium, car financing, energy loan or the mortgage loan.

Bill Sikes’s sole purpose is to find the most advantageous financing for each client, with low interest rates and favorable conditions. For that, the role of the broker is summed up easily: it plays on the competition above all!

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